When Can I Put My Baby In A High Chair

There is no hard and fast rule that every parent should stick to a certain age for baby when it comes to putting a baby into a high chair. All babies are unique and will achieve their milestones at different months, some faster, some slower, therefore babies should never be compared. When baby is able to sit upright then this is the time that you can consider to put your little one into a high chair. Many manufacturers of high chairs will have the age recommendation visible on their range of high chairs available for babies.

When Can I put my baby in a high chair? Yes: When baby can sit up.

Today there are so many different high chairs available for moms and dads to pick from that would suit their baby’s needs. What you will also find is that it is not recommended to put a baby into a high chair before 4 months of age. There are some high chairs that have a recline position. This is a suitable position to put a baby in to rest and watch you as you are busy making a meal, or giving a bottle to baby while a parent is busy eating using  their other hand. So this is not really classified as baby sitting in a high chair, and what is also important for parents to be aware of is to never put their baby in the high chair in the recline position to feed their baby solids. Baby must always be sitting up right, and well supported when eating solids.

How Well Can Baby Sit Up With Support

For many parents having an awareness of when to expect baby to be able to start to sit up in a high chair does make it easier when considering to purchase a high chair. A baby’s physical development between 4 and 6 months of age should begin to reveal that baby can sit up well with some support. Baby will show fairly good stability and some control when they are seated, with only slight bobbing about. What is also important is for baby to have the ability to hold their head up.

High Chair Tips and Advice

Prior to starting your little one onto solids you can get baby familiar with the seating arrangement first by putting baby into a high chair in the weeks before you will start your little one onto solids. You could also put a few feeding utensils etc on to the high chair for baby to play with while you have a meal. In this way baby is becoming familiar with its feeding utensils. It is also important that you always strap your child into a high chair and never leave baby unattended while they are in a high chair as accidents do happen.  Always prepare baby’s meal before putting your little one into the high chair as this is a great safety precaution that all parents should follow. What is also advisable is each time that you put baby into a high chair, is just to quickly scan over it to make sure that the cover over the foam seating is still intact and no foam is protruding, and that the high chair is totally secure.

High chair for baby

When you consider buying a high chair make sure that the base is broad and is stable as this will help prevent it from tipping when your baby leans on one side of the chair. It is also advisable that you teach your baby to sit up right in the high chair, and as they get older discourage them from trying to climb out of the high chair. High chairs are made from various materials such as metal, plastic and wood. The high chairs that are mainly made out of wood usually will not have a height adjustment mechanism.
If you fold a high chair after each use then when setting it up do ensure that you have locked it into position as this will avoid a possible collapse of a high chair which could cause an injury to your baby.  While highchairs give comfort for the baby and convenience for the parents, it is important that you ensure safety for your baby when you are looking to buy the right high chair for your baby.

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