Can I Give My Baby Lima Beans?

Can I give my baby lima beans?Lima beans are often brought up as the quintessential healthy food that doesn’t taste especially good, like Brussels sprouts and broccoli. But is it actually healthy, and is it something you should start incorporating into your baby’s diet?

Lima beans are high in fiber, and are referenced as a food that you could give your baby to treat constipation, since it will help things move along through the digestive system. However, they are also mentioned as not being the easiest thing for your baby to digest until they reach an age or a level of development that makes it easier. So don’t just rush into things and start feeding them lima beans because they’re constipated. It may be the right thing to do, but make sure they’re at the right age and can handle them.

To prevent a choking hazard you’ll want to cook the lima beans, and then mash them up. This also makes them easier to digest, since in their raw state they can be very hard to chew up, and only after cooking them properly do the soften to the point where they can be eaten. Even then they can be rather dry, so you might want to mix them up with some vegetables to add some moisture and make them more palatable.

Can I Give My Baby Lima Beans? Answer: Yes.

Lima beans get the green light when it comes to foods that are good for your baby. Like anything though you’ll want to give them in moderation, and determine how much is enough to give your baby at one time. You’ll also want to wait on the introduction until your baby has gotten to the point where they can eat solid foods with no trouble. It can then become a part of their rotation so that they have a healthy digestive system, and a good intake of fiber.

Why the Bad Rap?
A lot of people will turn up their noses at lima beans because of the bad taste. Many adults will simply not buy them or eat them, because of a bad experience at some stage of their life. Perhaps they had a parent that forced them to eat lima beans when they were a child and all they remember is a bland taste and something that is hard to chew up and swallow. While it may be true that lima beans aren’t winning any taste awards, there are those that actually like them, and if you get creative with them your baby might actually like them as well.

There are plenty of recipes out there that incorporate lima beans into them, either to bulk up a dish, or to add fiber to it. This means that you can keep feeding lima beans to your child as they grow, and they can have this as a healthy part of their lives. By giving them to your baby when they’re ready for solid foods, you are starting them off on the right foot.

Other Foods to Consider
Of course lima beans aren’t the only food you should be giving your baby to increase their fiber intake and give them something healthy. Broccoli is an old standby that is very easy to prepare for your baby by blending it up to a nice puree. It can also be added to lots of other foods to give them an instant nutrition boost. Fruits are also something that are healthy and can help with fiber intake, but you have to be more careful about which ones you give them, as many fruits can pose an allergy threat to your baby.

Keeping a Good Variety
While there are some superfoods out there, you don’t want to become dependent on any one food, or group of foods. When your baby is ready, you can start to broaden their palate by introducing new foods and new types of foods. You can even keep a journal of which foods they especially like, which ones they responded negatively to, and which ones they have an allergic reaction to. This will help you out later as they start to be able to handle more sophisticated foods, and you can use your journal when looking at recipes to see if they’re OK.

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