Can I Give My Baby Mayonnaise?

Can I give my baby mayonnaise?It seems to be in lots of the foods we eat as adults but many new parents ask themselves can I give my baby mayonnaise? We’ve had it drummed into our heads that it’s bad for you, and that we should not include it on our sandwiches if we’re looking to lose weight, but is it OK for babies to eat?

Made up of just a handful of ingredients, namely oil, egg yolks, and vinegar. Sometimes lemon juice can replace the vinegar. Since it’s not something that adds a great amount of value to your baby’s health and well-being, it’s not recommended to feed them.

Young eaters are just learning about the different tastes and textures of food.

Can I Give My Baby Mayonnaise? Answer: Not Recommended

For a baby mayonnaise is rather rich and bold in flavor. As adults our palates are used to foods like this, and mayo makes things like turkey sandwiches taste better and less dry. But babies wouldn’t appreciate these qualities, or find mayonnaise a tasty thing to eat, which only leaves its nutritional value to consider

Nutritional Value

There aren’t any benefits to eating mayonnaise, so it’s something that you can safely leave off the menu for your baby. At this stage in their development you must focus on giving them foods that boost their health and immune system. You don’t need to worry about their will power, you are the gateway to what goes in, so it’s important to feed them nutritious foods so they start off on the right foot.

Age Considerations

Depending on how old your baby is, it may be alright to introduce mayo as they build up their repertoire of what they eat on a weekly basis. All babies develop differently, so use the guide below as a rough estimate as to what is suitable for your own child.

3 Months Old

You may be tempted to give your baby mayo at this juncture because of its apparent easy of digestion. It doesn’t present a choking hazzard, and in fact it can help other foods go down more easily. But because of it’s high calorie content and rich nature, it’s best avoided until much later.

6 Months Old

At this stage your baby is being introduced to more and more solid foods, and many of these foods will either contain mayo, or you’ll be thinking it’s a good idea to add it. Again, it’s a little too soon for your baby to have this rich but unnecessary accoutrement.

One Year Old

At this point you’ve probably given your baby just about every food they’ll be eating in the years to come. A dab of mayo here and there to make some foods more tasty could be a nice treat for your baby, but be sure not to overdo it. When preparing a meal like tuna salad, where mayo is part of the recipe, use less than you would in your own sandwich.

Focus on the Basics

Mayonnaise shouldn’t really enter into your baby’s diet, because they shouldn’t be eating things that mayo would go on, namely sandwiches. Choose a protein, carbohydrate, and veggie for your baby and prepare it in ways that are easy for them to eat. You don’t have to worry about sprucing it up with things like mayo. Your child will grow up one day and be able to eat whatever they like, so there’s no point in furthering the process along.

Be Careful With Fatty, Tasty Foods

If your baby gets a taste of mayo, after mostly eating bland foods, they may start to get picky afterwards. This means that by giving your baby mayo you might be setting yourself up for disaster later when they won’t eat healthier, less tasty foods.

Mayo: Use With Caution

Even though you yourself may love the taste of mayo, and eat it regularly, it’s not a pastime you want to pass on to your child. Give them the best start when it comes to diet and nutrition and leave out thing like mayonnaise. Eventually they’ll be in a world where mayo finds its way into many different foods they eat, and they’ll have to do their best to avoid it.

You always have to keep in mind that you found this page because you were searching as to whether or not it’s a good idea to feed your baby mayonnaise. If you knew it OK, you wouldn’t
have to search for it, but since you know it’s not good for adults it’s easy to understand that it’s not recommended for babies.

Have faith in yourself and your inner knowing of what to give your child. As you grow together you’ll get better and better at knowing intuitively what to give them, and what to hold back on.

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