Can I Give My Baby Motrin?

Can I give my baby Motrin?Giving your baby Motrin might sound like a good idea, especially if you’ve tried to soothe them and they’re still suffering from some sort of pain. They make a children’s and an infant’s version, which you also might be considering, so it’s important to see what these drugs actually do to your baby before going forward.

Original strength Motrin should not be given to your baby because it’s just too powerful, and you don’t want to try getting around this by giving them a small dose. Children’s Motrin is also not recommended for your baby, because it’s made for children that are fully developed, and is dosed accordingly. If you try to give your baby a smaller dose you will still be doing them wrong. The infant version is the only one that you could consider giving your baby, but only after weighing the pros and cons of doing so.

In this day and age it seems that we like to treat ourselves and our children for every little malady that befalls us. But for babies especially a temporary fix for some symptoms might be worse in the long run if their body doesn’t learn to defend itself and heal itself if something bad does happen. You don’t want to take fevers and pain too lightly, but you also don’t want to make it a bigger problem than it is.

Can I Give My Baby Motrin? Answer: Not Recommended

Even the infant formula of Motrin has very specific dosage instructions, and can cause an allergic reaction in your baby even when following the directions exactly. There is also the chance of a drug interaction if your baby is already being treated by a doctor.

While it can be heartbreaking to watch your baby suffer, it will be even more guilt-producing if you give them something that makes them feel worse. That’s why you want to carefully consider what your stance is on giving your baby medication, and deciding when you’ll take them in to see the doctor.

Babies and Fevers
One of the most common ailments your baby will suffer from is a fever, which is when most parents reach for Motrin or some other fever reducer. A severely high fever is cause for alarm, and is sometimes a sign to take them into the hospital, which is one reason why you don’t want to treat it too early, because you could be masking the signs of a bigger problem. By giving them a fever reducer you could be under the impression that they’re getting better, when in fact they need to be seen by a physician right away.

If you’ve got a brand new baby in its first 3 months, you have to be especially concerned about their fever level, and call a doctor right away if it gets to 100.4 degrees or more. After they pass the 3 month point you have a little more wiggle room, and it becomes more of an instinctual decision on your part. You’ll be able to spot signs of whether it’s a serious concern based on how your child is behaving. If they’re running a fever but it’s business as usual, then they’re likely fine, but if the fever is causing a break from the norm you should take it more seriously and monitor the situation closely, calling the doc if the fever just won’t break and it’s at high levels for a full day or more.

Babies and Medication
One of the main reasons you don’t want to get into the habit of medicating your baby each time they fall ill is that their immune system is still developing and by treating problems you could be stunting their body’s ability to naturally take care of things on its own. You don’t want to get too extreme and not take them to the doctor when things are really bad, but you also don’t want to habitually mediate them at the first signs of trouble.

As a parent you’ll eventually come up with your own opinion as to what medication to give your baby for which conditions, but be sure to do your research on the pluses and minuses of giving your baby medicine when they’re in pain.

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