Can I Give My Baby Mushrooms?

Can I give my baby mushrooms?Mushrooms are usually thought of as a healthy food, and they do contain various health benefits depending on the type. But the ever-present question is whether or not it’s something that you can give to your baby, or whether it’s best to avoid it until later.

When it comes to mushrooms there seems to be two camps. One says it’s OK after 6 months, while the other says it’s better to hold off until later because of the risks of certain bacteria that may be better handled at an older age.

They both agree that you’ll want to make sure that the mushrooms are cooked when you do start adding them to your baby’s other foods. The cooking process is believed to kill off the bacteria in question, and it also makes the mushrooms easier to mush up and digest for your baby, so it’s a good idea overall.

Can I Give My Baby Mushrooms? Answer: Cooked Only, From 6 Months

There are so many types of mushrooms that it’s important to try each individual type out separately to see how your baby responds to them. From the basic button mushrooms you find on pizzas to the more infrequently used shitake mushrooms, to the mammoth portobellos sometimes used to replace steak and other beef items in vegetarian cuisine, you want to make sure that you introduce them to your baby one at a time.

Making Mushrooms for Baby
When it comes to giving your baby mushrooms you might feel at a loss for how to make them. After all, they’re usually a side dish, and not really much of a main course for many people. There are plenty of recipes available that include mushrooms, and even feature them as the main ingredient. Be sure to try a few so that you can make them as palatable as possible for your Little One.

The Problems with Raw Mushrooms
Depending on who you ask, mushrooms should never be eaten raw by adults or babies, or it’s totally fine to eat them. After doing the research we’re siding with it not being a very good idea to eat raw mushrooms, or give them to your baby. The cooking process enhances the flavor of the mushroom as well, making it a tastier food for your baby, and allows you to incorporate other healthy foods, even the olive oil that you saute the mushrooms in can add to the healthy factor.

Other Healthy Vegetable Options
If you’re looking to feed your baby healthy foods and give them the benefit of a varied diet full of vegetables, fruits, and other yummy but nutritious foods, here is a list of healthy options you can give your baby. Just be sure to test each one out first, away from any other new foods so you can see how they’ll react to them.

One of the best foods you can feed your baby is broccoli. This often tops the list of superfoods that adults should eat, and the attributes are also good for a baby. You’ll want to make sure that they are properly prepared as not to present a choking hazard, and so they’re easy to digest.

We recommend starting a food journal for your baby if you haven’t already. It can be quite confusing to remember what they’ve had, and what they haven’t, and especially how they responded to it. This can be in the form of a paper notebook, or you can use an online spreadsheet so that it’s searchable. What you’ll want to notate is the day they had it, how well they were able to chew or gum it up, whether it looked like they enjoyed it, and of course how well they digested it and whether it caused any stomach upset.

From this journal you can develop a list of foods that you know your baby enjoys and that they digest easily. When the time is right and they’re ready for more advanced dishes, you simply start combining foods from the pre-approved list that is specific to your baby and you shouldn’t have any problems. This way you can continue to broaden their flavors and also stick to what they like so that they don’t get bored, but that it’s easy for you to come up with a meal for them.

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