Nursery Organizer Product Review

nursery organizerEveryone Wants A Tidy Nursery

When your little one arrives you want to make sure that their nursery is perfect, and what better way than with a nursery organizer. There are many different styles, and you are sure to find a color and style to suit your taste and your budget.

Here are two reviews on two different styles of nursery organizers that you can find easily on Amazon, there are thousands of baby items to choose from and sometimes its nice to know what other people think.

Dexbaby Nursery Organizer

This one is budget friendly and it comes in a few different colors to match your decor. There are a number of mixed reviews on Amazon, but it’s at a price that is hard to beat and so worth a look at.

This was actually a really good product. It’s sturdy, and will actually retain its shape when you place items inside to weigh it down. The product is bigger than you think it is, so if you space is at a premium in your nursery be sure to look closely at the measurements before you buy it. There are two velcro straps to attach your organizer to the side of your crib or change table, but if you are placing items in there that are a bit heavier such as a full packet of wipes, you should consider using the sturdier cloth straps at the back. These will allow you to secure the organizer more firmly to the wall. The plastic edges are quite hard, they need to be so that the organizer retains its shape, but they can be a bit scratchy on a change table if its made of a soft timber. Overall this is a great product, it’s a good size for everything you need, the price is great and it holds its shape pretty well. The Dexbaby Nursery Organizeris available from Amazon where we will get a small commission if you buy through this link.

delta nursury organizerDelta 24 Piece Nursery Closet Organizer

If you are short on space or simply love an organized closet for your little one then a nursery organizer can be perfect for you.

This package is like a starter kit, with a few baskets for those soft items all babies seem to accumulate, beautiful velvet covered hangers that hold your little ones clothes without the sliding off and organizers so that you can hang their clothes according to size. They grow so fast in the first year and things can get really muddled! Plus you wont be fumbling around trying to find something that fits when its three in the morning and your little one needed a change.

The kit seems pretty durable, although if you’re particularly rough on things then it wont last. I ran out of hangers really quickly, so be aware that you will probably need to buy more once your family and friends bring baby gifts and the dividers were a tight fit on our hanging rod – our closets have larger rods than normal. Other than that it was a really lovely set up and tidied my little one’s closet perfectly. It comes in a range of colors and if you wanted to get an organizer system that was bigger they have a 48 piece optiontoo. Overall, I would highly recommend the Delta 24 Piece Nursery Closet Organizer.

 What style of nursery organizer do you use?

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