Can I Give My Baby Olives?

Can I give my baby olives?Is there any reason to give your baby olives, other than you liking the way they taste? Olive oil gets a lot of attention for it’s health benefits, but what about the olives themselves?

There are some foods that you should be adding to your baby’s diet, but you have to prioritize what you give them. Things like broccoli or apples are good places to start, because they both pack a nutritional punch, and they are easy to blend up and make a puree out of. There’s not much of a risk of an allergic reaction, but if you do decide to give them olives, be sure to do so in a way that allows you to monitor for any adverse reactions, and to see how they react to it.

But what you want to get out of the habit of doing is trying to add foods to their diet singly, because you think this will be the difference between a healthy diet for your baby and an unhealthy one. Look for more of a general and encompassing approach to feeding them. Your baby is a blank slate, and you don’t want to be giving them things they don’t really need, just because you heard on the news that it has health benefits for adults.

Can I Give My Baby Olives? Answer: Not Really Necessary

Your baby should be able to get by just fine without olives, and a lot of them come with added spices and oils that they don’t really need. If you’re give them a good balance of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats if they’re ready for them, you’re covering all of the bases and don’t really need to complicate matters much. When they’re older they’ll be able to appreciate the taste a bit more, and might even get to the point where they add them to their favorites.

Babies and Adults
Just because olives are good for adults doesn’t mean that your baby needs them. They digest things differently, and follow a pretty good path from breast milk, to cereals, to solid foods, and eventually you can start adding in things like olives, as their palate expands. So be sure to add an olive or two to your daily intake of food, but you don’t have to go out of your way to give your baby olives. There are plenty of other goods that would take precedence and that you’d want to be sure to include on a daily or even weekly basis, but not olives.

The First Year
Your baby’s first year is pretty easy when it comes to what to give your baby. You can rely on breastfeeding as long as you’re still producing milk, and as long as they’re still accepting it. Depending on how fast they move through the phases, you can eventually give them rice cereals and other age appropriate foods. When you start giving them solids you can stick to soft fruits and cooked vegetables, and figure out what they can handle as far as digestion goes.

Adding Olives In
You can try adding olives to some of their foods as they hit the one year mark and beyond, especially if they seem to like the taste and texture. But be sure they’re cut up into small enough pieces as they represent a pretty substantial choking hazard if left at their original size. They’re usually served as a side item at the salad bar for us adults, but you’ll want to incorporate them into meals that your baby is already having, not making a meal out of them, or giving them straight up.

You can also ask your pediatrician if they recommend olives for your baby, as they will have the full medical history of your child and be able to give you the best advice. There are plenty of people out there that are willing to give you their opinion on what to do for your baby, and they’re all well meaning, many of them with a good amount of knowledge on nutrition and babies, but they can only give general advice and don’t know what your baby’s history is like.

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Brittany April 21, 2014 at 9:13 pm

I would much rather give a baby olives than cereals! Talk about things babies DO NOT need.


Roxanne Sapra November 29, 2014 at 8:09 pm

Olives are a probiotic actually. A better probiotic than dairy products(widely thought to be good for digestion, but scientifically proven to be bad for digestion).
If your baby is having constipation, and the usual foods aren’t working, olives are an excellent choice.
Allergy test with olive oil on the skin first just in case.
Add coconut water and oil, or coconut water and olive oil, blend and strain.


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