Can I Give My Baby Onions?

Can I give my baby onions?If you have ever cooked a meal on your own from the beginning to the end, you have probably used onions. Onions are the base of so many dishes coming from all over the world that many cooks start chopping onions before they even decide which dish they are going to make. The reason for this is the fact that onions are cheap, abundant, and extremely flavorful. It adds bulk and flavor to dishes, and it is a favorite and regular ingredient in a number of different recipes.

The onion is one member of a larger family, allium, and there are many more members of this family – including leek, chives, garlic, shallots, and so forth. All of these types of ‘onions’ have their own taste and texture, but they are all used in kitchens all over the world.

The question of introducing solid foods to your baby’s diet has been asked so many times. Many experts believe that babies should start eating some solid foods as soon as they are sit upright without assistance, while some believe that babies can and should indeed thrive only on breast milk. In a nutshell, it is up to each and every parent to decide when they will introduce their babies to solid foods. However, there is another question that is important to ask here, and this is the question of which solid foods should your baby start with first.

Can I Give My Baby Onions? Answer:

Not all solid foods should be given to your baby as soon as you start them on solids, and you should definitely think about this prior to actually starting your baby on solid foods. It is best to start with vegetable purees, and slowly add thoroughly cooked chicken breast to these purees, as this is probably what your baby will enjoy the most. Apple puree is a very good choice as well, but you will just have to make sure that you peel the apple first, as the skin can pose a choking hazard.

Generally speaking, your baby should have onions as a part of their regular diet. However, it is very important to note that these aren’t the perfect food with which you want to start your baby’s journey into the world of solid foods. Namely, you should introduce onions to your baby’s diet only after they have successfully been eating vegetable and fruits for some time. Naturally, much like with any first-time food, you should use the four day rule and see if your baby reacts to them nicely. They generally do not cause allergic reactions in babies, but they can have a negative effect on your baby’s digestive system. But they can sometimes make your baby gassy.

When Should I Introduce Onions into My Baby’s Diet?
As it has already been mentioned above, you should start giving your baby onions only after you have successfully introduced other vegetables and fruits, such as carrots or apples. In general, they should never be introduced before six months of age, but this may vary from baby to baby. Again, in most cases, the perfect timing for introducing onions is around eight months of age, but if your baby has a sensitive stomach and the reaction can be seen in gassiness, you should probably wait until one year of age until you introduce them again.

How to Give my Baby Onions?
Much like with all other first-time vegetables, onions should be introduced gradually, in small doses, and always cooked. When cooked, they become easier to digest, and this is exactly what your baby needs from their first-time veggies. Add them to vegetable purees with carrots, peas, or even with rice. Always remember that raw is more harsh and harder to digest, as well as to cook them well enough so that your baby digests them easily.

Health Benefits of Onions for Babies
They are a great source of antioxidants, which will help your baby fight off all diseases more easily. Aside from this, babies with asthma and similar problems will benefit from eating onions. Another great thing is the fact that they are an excellent source of vitamin C, which offers protection against many sorts of bacteria.

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