Can I Give My Baby Orajel?

Can I give my baby Orajel?Orajel is known as an effective way to numb a tooth for an adult with a toothache, but they also market an infant version of their successful gel. If you plan on using this to help with your baby’s teething process, be sure that you go with the infant version.

Try to use it as sparingly as possible, and follow all of the directions and recommended dosage limits. You should also consult with your doctor to make sure that you are accurately treating them for teething and that there isn’t something more severe that they’re crying about. Most times the symptoms are pretty clear when it comes to teething, you can use your finger to feel the teeth about to break through the surface of the gums.

You should also seriously consider whether your philosophy is going to be to medicate your child as the first line of defense, or if you are going to seek out drug-free alternatives to help them through this painful time in their life.

Can I Give My Baby Orajel? Answer: Infant Only

What you don’t want to do is give your baby adult strength Orajel that you might have in your home already from a prior toothache of yours. The infant variety is in a smaller dose, but is also diluted so that it is not as powerful. There’s no reliable way for you to try to replicate the infant formula from your adult formula.

Who’s It Really For?
Before giving your baby Infant Orajel or something similar, ask yourself if you’re doing it for them, or doing it for you. It can be hard when your baby won’t stop crying, and sometimes when it’s gone on long enough it seems you’ll do just about anything to soothe them. Teething is a natural part of a baby’s development, and there may be better ways to help them through it then to give them an OTC medication at such a young age, even if it is supposedly made for young ones.

All Natural Alternatives
Many parents will give their kids frozen carrots or other fruits and vegetables to chew on, since this will help numb up the gums, and also lets them gnaw on something that’s good for them in case they end up swallowing the small bits they might be able to shave off. Just be sure any veggie or fruit piece you give them is too big for them to fit entirely in their mouth or to swallow.

Keeping their mouth and gums cold is another good way to go. This can run the gamut of ice cubes, to slushed drinks, to freezing items and then letting them have a go with them. The good thing is by the time their teeth come in they’ll usually be able to grab and hold onto things, and once they get a sensation of relief they’ll usually have no trouble handling things from there. That’s what makes most of these remedies seem like a set and forget solution, but use caution because you don’t want them to have cold teeth for too long.

The Teething Process
Knowing what you’re in for is a good way to help you and your baby through this important phase of their life. When you’re in the middle of it it might seem like it’s going to go on indefinitely, even though your rational brain knows that it won’t. Obviously we understand on a primal level that their teeth are emerging from beneath their comes and this is a painful process. But aside from the pain they experience there is usually nothing seriously wrong with them, so it’s just a matter of helping them cope.

The folks at WebMD say that you can expect 20 teeth to come in as their first set of primary teeth, and this can last up to 3 years. By the time your kids lose their baby teeth and get their permanent teeth it will be time for the Tooth Fairy to come and they’ll be well into childhood, so this really is a special time in your baby’s life, even though it’s also a noisy time.

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