Can I Give My Baby Parsley?

Can I give my baby parsley?Parsley makes a plate prettier, and is a palate cleanser, but is it something that is safe for baby?

There comes a time in your baby’s life that you may want to start feeding him food other than the baby formula or breast milk that is given. Of course, there is the worry of feeding him the right stuff or it will be bad for him. Giving a baby food seems like you could be playing with Russian roulette since you have no idea whether you are doing him a favour or may cause serious harm. One of the food items growing with popularity among parents is parsley and the fact that they are now being fed to babies. The question is: is it safe?

Parsley is safe for babies to eat provided that they are already starting to learn to eat solid food. This is the age when a baby starts to take in simple food items and learn to chew. All in all, it is relatively safe and beneficial to feed babies parsley provided that they are not allergic to it.

Can I Give My Baby Parsley? Answer: Yes

The thing with parsley is, it is an herb and not all people can eat it. Babies are no exceptions. If an adult can be allergic to this type of herb, so can babies. The best way to avoid any allergic reactions is to have your baby checked up by a paediatrician to ensure which food items they may have an adverse reaction to. If your baby’s doctor allows it, then by all means let your baby have it.

The Benefits Parsley Provides
There are a number of health benefits parsley may be able to provide the human body, which are also good for babies. While we have known it to be a garnish on our pasta plate and as a simple addition to our meals, there is quite a lot this little herb can provide. For one, it is very rich in antioxidants. It contains Luteolin which improves metabolism in the human body and even acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Parsley also contains Vitamin C and A, which are also well-known as great antioxidants as well as help increase the strength of the immune system. In addition, this herb is also rich in Vitamin K. This vitamin is great for babies as it helps strengthen the bones, which is important especially in the formative years of children. Two spoons or one serving contains over 100% of the RDA’s daily requirement for Vitamin K.

Preparing the Herb to Feed Your Baby
Since parsley is an herb and is known to have a bitter taste, it could be hard to feed your baby with it. There are various ways it can be prepared but the most important part is ensuring that it is cleaned thoroughly first, to avoid bacterial infection. Wash it completely to remove sediments, dirt and bacteria that may linger in it. One way you could feed your baby some parsley is by preparing it raw. It is said that in raw form it contains more antioxidants as opposed to ones that have been cooked, which kills the vitamins and nutrients present in the herb. However, while this may be true, it has a bitter taste that babies may have a hard time eating.

Another way to prepare parsley is by boiling or steaming it so that it can be softened and manageable to eat. As for the bitter taste, some parents mix in boiled sweet potato in the mix to lessen the flavor. Under no circumstances should you microwave it as this will definitely kill most of the nutrients in it. If you can, buy organic instead of regular ones you see in the market. Although they are a tad more costly, it contains more nutrients and is definitely healthier which your baby can benefit from more.

Other Known Benefits of the Herb
Besides containing vitamins, nutrients as well as antioxidants, parsley is also known to benefit the body in other ways. For instance, the herb helps remove excess fluids from the body, therefore acting as a diuretic and improves the kidney function. In addition, babies will also benefit from it as it has been known to help promote digestion. This is very important for babies since at this very young age, their digestive system is still a bit sensitive.

Can I Give My Baby Parsley?

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