Can I Give My Baby Pastrami?

Can I give my baby pastrami?Pastrami lovers wonder if it is something that they can get their babies because it tastes so good, even though they know it’s not the most healthy choice you can make. But when your baby is ready for me, should this make the occasional menu?

The overarching answer here is that if a food is not good for adults, it’s not good for your baby either. But in this case pastrami with me exceptionally bad choice for your baby. Surprisingly not all of the reasons are because of the fat content. It’s also a no-go because it’s a choking hazard, and because it ranks high on the sodium meter.

Sometimes junk food doesn’t come wrapped in shiny packaging, but after getting a look at the numbers pastrami puts up in categories like calories, fat, and sodium, any nutritional that it has is overshadowed. And since it’s definitely a good idea to keep unhealthy foods away from your baby, this one is a no go.

Can I Give My Baby Pastrami? Answer: Not Recommended.

There are plenty of other lean meats that you can give your baby that make a better protein choice than pastrami. LiveStrong lists the drawbacks of pastrami as far as health goes, and it isn’t pretty. The reason you don’t want to give a baby something that gets so many of its calories from fat, and has so much sodium in it, is because a baby is still developing, and they’re not going to get the activity that we do each day that helps us burn up calories.

Choking Hazard
Because of the stringy nature of pastrami that is not to get food to let your baby have, even if they have most of their teeth in. While some meats might be tough to chew up, they’re able to be cut up into small pieces, or ground up into even smaller pieces. With pastrami there’s not much that can be done to make it easier to chew and digest.

High in Sodium
Pastrami is a throwback to earlier times when we were trying to come up with ways to preserve meat. Nowadays we have the process down to a science, and no longer need to rely on storing meat outside in the cold, or submerged in brine. The reason pastrami is so salty is because it is stored in a briny solution in order to give it its flavor. Watching your baby’s sodium intake is one of the more important things you can do to safeguard their health.

High in Fat
Pastrami also clocks in on the high end in regards to fat. While babies do need a good amount of fat for proper development, you should choose better sources of fat than the kind that comes slices of pastrami.

Keeping Track of Foods for Baby
One way to help you make sure that your baby is getting foods they can digest easily is to keep a log of the foods you give them, and how they respond. You can also keep notes like whether of not they seemed to enjoy them, and if they had any trouble moving it through their system. What you end up creating is an easy reference guide and if you’re ever in doubt you can simply check your records rather than trying to remember. If you want to introduce a new food to them you simply make sure they haven’t had any other new foods that day and see how they handle it.

As your child grows and they’re ready for new foods sensations, you can start combining foods that they’ve already shown to handle well. This way you’re sure that they’re getting pre-approved foods, but at the same time giving them new taste combinations and sensations.

But when it comes to a food like pastrami there’s really no reason to give it to your baby, because it doesn’t fall into any category that would help your child develop. It’s not a good enough protein source to justify it, and although there are other nutrients to it, this pales in comparison to the amount of fat, sodium, and calories it packs.

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