Can I Give My Baby Popsicles?

Can I give my baby Popsicles?Popsicles make a wonderful summertime treat, and your baby might want to get in on the action when they see you using one to cool off. Or you might think that they’d be a good way to help sooth your baby while they’re teething. Either way, is this something that is OK to give your baby?

The short answer is that anything that’s pre-packaged and made by big food corporations is something you’d want to avoid giving your baby. The more sugary, salty, or fatty something is the further up the no-go list it rises. In the case of Popsicles there’s just too many ingredients in it that don’t belong in your baby, namely High Fructose Corn Syrup.

You can get around this dilemma by making them on your own, but there are also some other considerations to make before you go ahead with that plan. There are also better teething options that will help chill down your baby’s gums without adding any extra calories and sugars to their diet.

Can I Give My Baby Popsicles? Answer: Not Recommended

Most any Popsicle you buy in the store will either have too many artificial ingredients and man-made sweeteners, or will simply have too much sugar to warrant giving to your baby. You have to view yourself as the protector of your child, because they sneak these additives into all manner of foods, so you might feel like you’re defending them from an onslaught of things that are bad for them. In many respects that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Many moms and dads find that they have to make a lot of the foods for their baby from scratch so they know what’s in them, and so they can be sure their baby isn’t getting things that are bad for them.

How About for Teething?
Many parents want to help numb their baby’s gums and help them through the teething process. We couldn’t agree more that you want to give them things to help with the suffering, but Popsicles shouldn’t be it. There are specially designed teething rings that are meant to be popped into the freezer so they can do the same job as a Popsicle would, but without the added sugar and flavorings. Some parents also throw a wet dishrag into the freezer and let their baby gnaw on that.

Sugar Concerns
The sugar in popsicles is the main concern here, as a baby’s blood glucose levels can spike just like an adults. The kind of sugar that you’ll find in most mainstream brands, including Popsicle brand popsicles, is High Fructose Corn Syrup. This is something that adults should really cut out of their diet, and has no place in a baby’s diet.

Too Cold for Baby
You might think the face they make when first biting into something cold is priceless, but you don’t want to get into the habit of feeding your baby ice cold food. Think about it, your breast milk comes out at 98.6 degrees, and you’ve likely warmed their formula or other foods. Their digestive system is used to receiving food in nourishment in a warm state. What a shock to the system it would be to suddenly have an icy cold glob of popsicle introduced to the mix.

Make Your Own
If you really want to give your little one a Popsicle, make your own from scratch at home using organic fruit juices, or pureed fruit. That way you have some quality control over the ingredients you’re using, and you can make sure that they’re getting some vitamins and nutrients because it’s made from real fruit. You will still want to go easy on them, and only give your baby little bits of the frozen treat, as fruit still contains natural sugar that can raise their blood sugar levels.

Ultimately what you end up feeding your baby will be your choice, and you’ll have to make a determination as to whether or not items like Popsicles are something you deem worthy. Some parents take a lax attitude on it, while others are more protective of what their baby gets.

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