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Baby Sling Review

A baby sling is a great way for moms and dads to keep their hands free while also enjoying close contact with their little one. Different styles, will suit different body shapes and sizes, for both parent and  baby.  A sling offers the face in and face out positions but also the pea pod position where a baby is carried wrapped around or across the body.  Avoid positioning your baby with their face pressed against the fabric or your body, or lying with a curved back with chin tucked against their chest.

PLEASE NOTE: There have been deaths associated with the use of baby slings. This article is a personal baby sling review, we do not advocate the use of baby slings, and all parents should research for themselves before using a baby sling. The Mayo Clinic has a review on baby slings you can read here.

 SUPPORI Baby Sling Review

baby sling reviewAward Winning, Parent Tested & Approved: Creative Child Magazine (USA) 2012 Gold Seal, Baby Slings Category. In 2011 SUPPORi was a PTPA (Parent Tested, Parent Approved) Winner (North America), Naissance Award (Europe), and a 2010 Great Design Award winner (Asia). SUPPORi remains a top seller in Japan.

The SUPPORi comes in a variety of colors and sizes, it is easy to wash and very lightweight, and makes for a great fashion accessory. So whether you are a mom that is on the go, or simply just a laid back mom, the SUPPORi baby sling will make your life so much easier.


The SUPPORi has been designed to cater for safety and security, comfort and convenience. It has also been parent tested and approved. Modern stitchless  technology has been used to create  this safe sling for your baby. To ensure maximum safety and security for your baby you will have to keep the sling up high on baby’s back. Comfortable when worn correctly also any chances of suffering from stiff shoulders or other weight induced stress that is caused by most baby carriers due to baby’s weight, the suppori is designed to rest on your shoulder bone rather than on the muscle between your neck and shoulder.

The SUPPORi is breathable therefore during those hot summer days or nights you will not get a heat rash from wearing it. Easy and convenient to use and wear as you just slip it over your shoulder. You then can place baby inside, and do ensure that the sling is secure under baby’s bottom and is pulled up high on baby’s back. The SUPPORi is also machine washable.


The comfort and durability of this sling makes it a viable purchase for any mom that is looking to invest in a baby sling. It also has received various awards. This does make you aware that it is a top of the range baby sling. Therefore it does make sense to purchase one of these for the safety of your little one.


As part of a baby sling review, we have to list the cons, but we really couldn’t find any. It boils down to personal choice in regard to this product. SUPPORi is a great sling for many reasons and is likely to become a steady part of your wardrobe, provided you get the right size. You can obtain this award winning sling from Amazon.

 Babasling Original 100% Cotton Baby Carrier Sling

This innovative baby sling created by Joovy is a great design, which adds to comfort and simplicity of style. It is a versatile and easy to use sling that is available today on the market. It is a hammock style type of sling and is perfectly shaped to support a newborn’s developing spine and also providing essential closeness and bonding between parent and baby. In this baby sling review we will look at the features, pros and cons of this sling.


There are many great features to this unique baby sling, it comes as a one size fits all and with fully adjustable straps and dual railings, and will fit onto either your left or right shoulder. It enables you to carry your little one in 5 different positions and 2 breast feeding positions, and this also allows you to breast feed your baby discretely. The shoulder pads have extra padding for comfort, and the padded infant head support and railing for baby. It also has an easy quick release buckle which will not wake up your sleeping baby, a second safety buckle has been applied for added security. It is made from lightweight 100% cotton and is machine washable and just hang to dry.


This product also has how to use the product  videos where you will be able to observe and learn how to use this product effectively. Joovy like to educate their customers on how to correctly use the BabaSling and also like to provide guidelines on safe usage – this is one of the features we like best in the baby sling review. Safety is very important.  Being an award winning baby carrier this does make it a viable baby sling to consider as a great purchase for moms who choose to keep their baby safe and sound in a baby sling.


Some new moms might find it a bit difficult to use at first and it may take them awhile to work it out and get used to it. To solve this problem you can always get in touch with the company Joovy where they will be more than happy to assist you in ways that you will get the full benefits from their product.The good news is this BabaSling is available in a choice of 10 stylish colors and can be yours simply by going to Amazon, choosing your color and purchasing the sling that’s right for you.

 Baby K’tan Baby Carrier Sling

This particular carrier sling was designed by parents and caregivers and is a multi functional ready to wear wrap that will keep your infant or toddler safe and cozy and at the same time will support your baby’s back and provides privacy for nursing moms. As part of a baby sling review, the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier Sling is a great sling to own for mothers and caregivers that are always on the go and also want to ensure that their little one is comfortable and well protected. It has a combination of benefits of a  sling, wrap, and carrier all in one so it does seem  make sense that this particular baby sling should be on your list for consideration when reviewing other slings for baby.


This baby sling is easy  to machine wash and is also dryer safe. Not only that many parents will find this baby sling  easy to put on and easy to take off. The sling also offers six different carrying positions which is great for your baby. Having back support bands does make for a more comfortable way of carrying your little one. It is made of 100 percent natural cotton which has no harmful chemicals in the fabric. It is also lightweight and compact like a sling and yet still goes over both shoulders as this will help in  distributing the little one’s weight.


The Baby K’tan is easy to slip on and off and you are able to use for your baby in various ways, depending on which carrying position you choose to use. It also offers six different positions that cater for preemies and newborns right up until your little one is three years of age. So you do get value for your money.


There are not too many things that you can say against this product as it has been tried and tested by many parents who are very happy with the product. Some people might find that the shoulder straps may be a bit too wide for their liking.  Basically this is a well designed baby sling with many positive reviews from many happy parents, who are happy with this particular design of baby sling. To get your Baby K’tan Slinggo to Amazon.

 Maya Wrap Baby Sling Review

The Maya wrap baby sling is getting many positive reviews for its comfort and ease of use. It is well designed and comfortable for moms to wear. A lot of moms who have purchased this particular sling comment on how comfortable they find it and how baby does enjoy this particular sling. 


 The Maya Wrap has been designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and stylish. It is also made from a breathable fabric and also has built in pockets for your keys, diapers and cell phone etc. The wrap is easy to adjust and is suitable for newborns right through to toddlers. Your little one can experience a variety of positions in this wrap. You can also easily wash the wrap but it is not recommended that you put it through a dryer as this could cause it to shrink by several inches.


This great wrap comes with an instructional DVD on how to best use the Maya Wrap. It also comes in various sizes and colors. Due to it being made from a good quality fabric this does enable the wrap to last longer, therefore you will be able to get maximum usage out of this baby wrap, which is a positive baby sling review.


 The only drawbacks for this Maya wrap is that it can be a little difficult to get the hang of it straight away, and could be uncomfortable and possibly not safe if you do not review the instructions as requested of you. So do make sure you do watch the instructional DVD prior to use.  All in all the Maya wrap is proving to be a popular sling for many new moms, if you are considering getting your Maya wrap then you can go to Amazon   

Cotton Baby Carrier Gaorui Baby Sling

This is a great cotton baby sling wrap which is similar to the ergo baby carrier which is far more expensive. A lot of people who have purchased this product seem satisfied with it and enjoy the freedom of being able to have free hands when using it. It is a great baby sling to consider as a gift for a baby shower for an expectant mom, or for moms in general who are keen to invest in a baby sling wrap that is reasonably priced and meets the requirements of a comfortable baby sling.


 The sling is recommended for use for babies that are 4 months to 2 years of age. The fabric that it is made of is 100% cotton and is available in two colors red or blue. It is easy to wash all you will need to use is a mild detergent on a gentle cycle or you can also hand wash the item.  It also can be spot cleaned when needed.   This particular design  is able to support the baby’s spine. It can also be worn on the front i.e. belly to belly or on the back, and in the hip position. The hood does a great job of supporting a sleeping baby’s head and therefore makes any activity that you are participating in you can continue to do so. The buckles are of top quality, and also where the different fabrics are joined, the stitching has been reinforced which all adds to durability and dependability of the baby sling.


 This baby sling is becoming very popular as it is light weight, easy to clean, and well made. It supports baby well and you can carry your little one right up until the age of two. It does appear to be a popular buy with many positive reviews on this product. Due to its similarities to the more expensive ergo baby carrier sling many parents are happy to buy this imitation product.


I believe that the only possible cons about this baby sling would be the fact that you would have to always check that the buckles and fastenings are securely closed and that the straps are correctly fitted at all times.  If you fancy this particular Baby Carrier then you can go to Amazon.

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Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only. It does not take the place of professional medical opinion or consultation. Please note that this article does not promote the use of baby slings and acknowledges that there have been infant deaths. The writer has had a personal positive experience with using baby slings. Each parent should do their own research on baby slings. This article or website will not be held liable for any accidents or injury while wearing a baby sling.

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