Can I Give My Baby Protein Powder?

Can I give my baby protein powder?If you’re taking protein powder to help maximize your muscle growth, you might have thought of giving your baby some as well. Or perhaps you needed to give them a quick meal and were all out of options.

It’s not a very popular idea to give your baby protein powder, and most of the information available on it suggests tht it’s not a good thing to do. Most of the discussion revolves around kids, not babies, and there is a big debate over whether it’s OK for kids to have it. Suffice it to say that if there’s strong enough reasons not to give it to a child, it’s definitely not a good idea for a baby.

Some of the big drawbacks to giving your baby protein powder is that it’s just too much protein. Ounce for ounce most protein powder is essentially all protein, with some sweeteners to make it taste alright and some other additions to try and differentiate it from other powders on the market. Nothing in it is all natural, as all of it has been processed, and most of it is literally created in a lab.

Can I Give My Baby Protein Powder? Answer: Not Recommended

There is a lot of debate as to whether it’s a good idea to give protein powder to children, let alone babies. The weightlifting and bodybuilding market does a good job of convincing people to use their products in order to build their muscle mass, but several doctors and health care professionals warn against getting too much protein, and putting a strain on the liver and kidneys.

So Many Additives and Fillers
It’s hard to find protein powder that isn’t loaded with a ton of artificial ingredients, flavors, and extra additions like amino acids and other supplements that are touted as helping to heal muscles, or pump them up for a gym workout. Your baby is not going to be lifting weights, so much of this is unnecessary. There are also sweeteners, whether natural or artificial, so you’ll likely be giving your baby excess sugar, or worse yet and artificial sweetener whose effects are largely unknown.

Breast Milk is Best
Breast milk is the best beverage to give your baby, and the relatively low protein content it contains should tip you off to the fact that human babies simply don’t need a ton of protein in order to develop properly. Many moms erroneously believe that they need to wean their babies off breast milk as the transition to solid foods. But breast milk should be given to your baby for as long as possible, supplementing any whole foods they eat and serving as their main beverage. There’s absolutely no need to give them formula or other protein-fortified beverages at any given point and time, as long as you’re still producing and they’re still willing to receive.

Natural Foods Are Preferred
Rather than give your baby a product full of synthetic amino acids and manufactured whey protein, it’s better to stick to foods that are a good source of protein and that occur naturally. Protein powder is created in laboratories and manufactured in factories, it’s a dead food if you want to even call it a food. It’s better to give your baby superfoods in the form of fruits and vegetables that are loaded with antioxidants and dense in nutrients. These are much better options to make sure that your baby’s digestive system matures properly, and all of their organs are as healthy as possible, like their eyes, lungs, and heart.

Insuring Your Baby Grows Big and Strong
If you want to make sure that your baby grows to their full potential, and are worried that they’re not getting enough protein, it’s a better idea to focus on foods that can supply a broad range of nutrients and vitamins so that they’re getting all of the building blocks, and not putting such a big emphasis on just one aspect of their diet. Your baby is relying on you to chose the right foods, and in the proper proportion so that they’re getting all that they need.

Stick to wholesome baby foods and breast milk and avoid giving your baby synthetic products like protein powder.

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