Can I Give My Baby Quorn

Can I Give My Baby QuornThere are many moms who are vegetarian and want to know if they can give their baby Quorn. It’s a brand name that makes vegetarian products out of  Mycoprotein, a nutritious meat free protein. This protein  is a member of the fungi family and is naturally low in fat while being high in protein and fiber. Quorn replicates the taste and texture of meat and is the most widely available meat alternative in the world today.

Can I Give My Baby Quorn? Answer: From 9 months

Quorn is produced as both a cooking ingredient and a range of ready meals. It is sold as a health food and an alternative to meat; after changing production methods to ensure that only free-range eggs were used, the Vegetarian Society gave the product a seal of approval.

Why Wait Until 9 Months?

Quorn is a great source of protein, but it contains Mycoprotein which is a type of fungus. This can be hard for your baby to digest while it is still young. It is high in fiber, which can cause gas or digestive discomfort for your baby. If your baby is irritable or has gas after you feed them Quorn for the first time you may need to wait a little longer until their digestive tract is more mature. The Quorn products are safe for children and babies to consume in small amounts, it should not be their only source of protein. You should be giving your baby a variety of different protein sources.

What is Quorn

Quorn is a brand name for products that contain the ingredient Mycoprotein which is derived from the fungi family. This is the same family which morels and truffles belong to. It is a high quality meat free protein that is low in fat and high in dietary fiber which is great for your digestive system. Quorn also contains amino acids, the building blocks of protein and a player in the metabolism process.  Quorn products do not contain any genetically modified ingredients or soy. The fungi is grown and harvested under strict quality controls, and any other ingredients that are used for the Quorn products are not genetically modified. They are also reported to use free range eggs.

Quorn Products Are Nutritious Foods To Give To Your Baby.

As stated before Quorn products are nutritious and a great source of protein that is not derived from animals. It is important that baby is only given small amounts and can be mixed into other meals to create a well balanced diet for babies. It is important to note for parents that they do not use Quorn products as their staple diet for supplementing their baby with protein. Other protein sources should be consumed by your baby. So do make sure that you do provide a balance of various protein sources including Quorn products to your baby.

Is Quorn an Allergen?

There have been people who report an allergy to Quorn, but it is rare. If your baby has a history of allergies, then as always its best to consult your pediatrician. Some of the allergic reactions to Quorn listed have included hives and stomach upsets.

Nutritional Value of Quorn

Quorn is low in calories, naturally low in fat yet is also high in protein and fiber. This sounds very nutritious – for an adult. Babies need a diet which contains lots of calories and nutrients in a very small portion of food. Babies are growing rapidly in their first year of life, and need a diet high in good fats.

Quorn contains very few calories, and it is high in fiber which means it may fill your baby up. This doesn’t leave enough room in your baby’s stomach for the other nutrients they need to consume – they have filled up with high fiber Quorn. This is not to say that you should exclude Quorn from your baby’s diet, but to include it in small amounts in moderation. It should never be your baby’s only protein source even if you are a vegetarian family.

When you are feeding your baby foods that are not specifically produced for babies you may find that they contain high levels of salt. A baby shouldn’t eat more than 1 gram of salt per day as it is not good for their kidneys. Because Quorn products have different amounts of salt in them you should be sure to always check the labels of Quorn products before giving them to your baby.

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