Can I Give My Baby Rice Krispies?

Can I give my baby Rice Krispies?Rice Krispies may seem like a good treat for baby since they’re the right size and don’t represent a choking hazard, but are they really something you should be giving your baby?

Most of the time pre-packaged foods from the big food brands are not something you want to give to your baby in their first few years because there are simply too many preservatives and chemicals in them that can play a part in your child’s development. Even though it’s so convenient to give them things that the rest of the family is eating, and things you already have on hand, it’s best practice to feed them foods that don’t contain a lot of extra additives and keep it as simple and wholesome as possible.

In the case of Rice Krispies you have an idea that started off pure enough: crisped rice, but then got all twisted and distorted in the name of the Almighty Dollar and what remains is something that can hardly be considered food at all. Strip away the sugar, MSG, and high fructose corn syrup and all that’s left is a grain of rice that’s been heavily processed.

Can I Give My Baby Rice Krispies? Answer: Not Recommended

There are far too many reasons not to give your baby Rice Krispies, and not enough pressing reasons why you should. Most parents will give their children things like Cheerios and other cereals as a snack when they’re able to eat finger foods. The thought is that it’s a quick and easy way to keep them occupied and for them to have a bit of sustenance before a main meal. This thinking is fine as long as you choose an organic brand of cereal from a health food store or the health food aisle.

Ingredients List
The first ingredient is rice, and you might think this is perfectly OK to give your baby, but you have to consider the source. Big cereal manufacturers want to keep their costs low and their profits high so they’re going to use the cheapest rice they possibly can from the lowest big they get from suppliers. The next ingredient is sugar, and that’s going to be industrial grade sugar that isn’t good for adults and definitely not good for babies.

It’s also got Malt Flavoring, which is a way for food manufacturers to sneak in MSG, which is something you definitely don’t want to give your baby. They’ve also included High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) since apparently sugar as the second most abundant ingredient just wasn’t enough. Then they try to health it up a bit by adding a series of vitamins and some iron. But what kind of purity can you expect from a company that willingly puts things like MSG and HFCS into their foods? And why should you trust them to provide you with your vitamin intake?

Why Organic Matters
A big study came out recently (you can read it here) that said organic fruits and vegetables are not much better for you than their conventional counterparts. But you’re buying organic as much for what you’re not getting as for what you’re getting. It’s all of the junk that they’re not going to include in your food that’s important, and not so much that the rice in organic rice crisp cereal is better for you. Organic rice crisp cereal will be sweetened with pure cane sugar if it’s sweetened at all. It won’t contain MSG in it. It won’t have high fructose corn syrup in it. It’s more like the kind of rice crisps you’d make for your baby if you had the time and gumption to do so.

How About Rice Krispies Treats?
Rice Krispies Treats are fun and easy to make and taste great. You might like making them for your toddler-aged children and the rest of your family, but these would have to get the no-go for babies. Aside from containing mostly Rice Krispies, there’s also a ton of fat due to the butter or margarine you add to them, as well as a ton of sugar from all of the marshmallows you add to them.

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