Can I Give My Baby Rice Pudding?

Can I give my baby rice puddingRice pudding seems like it would be baby friendly, but let’s take a closer look at it.

Choosing to make your own baby food is one of the healthiest choices you can make. Most of the time, baby foods sold in supermarkets contain too many preservatives and additives that are harmful especially for organs that are not fully developed yet.

Making healthy choices can be a bit time consuming and may also require you to invest a little more money. However, it is the only way to give your baby good nutrition. The first thing you have to think of when making your own baby food is whether or not they will get the proper nutrients for their growth.

Remember that what you are going to prepare for your baby will be his source of nutrients during the early stages of their life. Newborns need enough calcium for their bones, vitamins for their immune system, fat for growth, and carbohydrates and iron for energy that contribute to a baby’s physical and mental growth.

Can I Give My Baby Rice Pudding? Answer: Yes

Babies require roughly six months of breast or formula feeding before you can try feeding them with soft foods. They can then take in watery fruit purees along with breast milk after a few months. Seven months after your baby is born is a good time to feed them with lumpy foods. The most common food that babies are fed with is rice cereal, mashed bananas or potatoes. So yes, you can feed your baby with rice pudding when they reach seven months, although you should start them out with other foods first.

Before they reach one year, you can feed them with more fruit and even soft vegetables that they can chew with their few teeth. These foods should be diced or shredded into small pieces so they can digest them easily. When your baby reaches one year that is the time you can try to feed them with the same food your family is eating, except that they should be cut into smaller pieces.

Does it Take a Lot of Time to Prepare Baby Food Like Rice Pudding?
Baking and mashing potatoes, as well as boiling rice to make pudding do not take much time at all. Some food like fruits and vegetables do not even require a lot of preparation. With the help of home equipment such as blenders, fruit juicers and food processors, you can prepare your baby’s food with less effort. These kitchen tools can easily give you good runny purees in no time.

Make sure to incorporate iron-fortified cereals along with citrus fruits in your baby’s food. Babies need both vitamins and iron as they promote growth and recuperation. Iron is responsible for a babies’ mental health especially for babies between 6 months to 2 years old. Feed your baby with Vitamin C-rich foods because they help absorb iron more effectively.

Recommended Well-Tolerated Foods
Some foods you should feed your baby with are fruits like apples, oranges and peaches; and vegetables like pumpkins, cauliflower and broccoli. You can also feed them rice, cereal, butternut squash and other energy-packed foods.

Foods You Should Not Feed Your Baby
Newborns may have a sensitive digestive system. It is important to take note of the foods that may cause irregularities with their digestion and bowel movement. Gluten, a type of protein that can be found in oats, wheat products, barley and rye may cause irritation in your baby’s stomach.

Feed them only food containing such ingredients after six months of age. You should also avoid giving them honey, especially if they have not reached the age of one. The American Academy of Pediatrics found a relation between honey and infant botulism, a fatal illness among toddlers. Also, avoid nuts as they may cause allergies; salt, which is bad for underdeveloped kidneys, and sugary snacks as well as preserved foods.

What you feed your baby with is what they are going to be. If you want a bouncy and healthy child, continue breast feeding, and feed them with rice pudding, and fruit and vegetable purees during his early months. It takes so little effort to prepare your own baby food. Make sure to take some time to prepare the food that your baby deserves.

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