Can I Give My Baby Sandwiches?

Can I give my baby sandwiches?Sandwiches are one of the most popular foods, so it’s only natural that you eventually wonder if your baby is ready to take one on. Of course, if you gave it to them you have to cut it up into bite-size pieces, which they would probably end up disassembling and popping each individual layer into their mouth one at a time.

But is a sandwich something that you should feed your baby, or is there something about it that makes it not really okay? There are way too many sandwiches for us to cover all of them on one page, so we’ll just pick some of the more common sandwiches. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a staple for most of America, and in this instance there are only three different ingredients. You should consider whether or not your baby can have bread, peanut butter, and jelly. If you think that fewer ingredients means it’s a easier decision, consider that peanut butter is one of the big concerns for allergies, so even something as simple as a PB&J sandwich becomes difficult.

How about a grilled cheese sandwich? This only has two ingredients, well three if you count the butter. So you have to ask yourself whether it’s okay for your baby to have butter, bread, and cheese. How about a turkey sandwich? If it’s just bread and turkey breast, that’s one thing. But most people make their turkey sandwiches with other ingredients like cheese, mayonnaise, tomatoes, lettuce, or any other assortment of toppings. The more ingredients, the more likely it is they shouldn’t have it.

Can I Give My Baby Sandwiches? Answer: Most Likely Not

So it’s not really sandwiches that are the problem, it’s all the things you put into them that make it a more complicated question to answer. Most likely, you should not give your baby a sandwich because one or more of the ingredients in the sandwich will probably cause them problems. Sandwiches are good food items introduced to your baby once they become a toddler, they have all their teeth, and you have individually introduced foods to them over the years checking for allergies and how they are able to digest it.

A Common Lunchtime Favorite
The reason it is tempting to give your baby a sandwich is because it is what is most often on the menu for lunch. It is just too tempting and easy to give your baby some of what everyone else is having. But they really need their own menu, and they need to be introduced to foods one at a time so they can learn to assimilate them into their digestive system.

While it might be harder to cook two sets of food, one for your family, and another for your baby, it is really the best way to go about things until they become more autonomous and able to eat what everyone else is eating. The time will come soon enough, so there’s no need to rush it along. One day they’ll be all grown-up and you’ll wish you had these times back so that you could cherish them more.

Disassembled Sandwich
You might be able to make a meal out of some of the ingredients that are used on a sandwich, just not all of them. Giving your baby a slice of bread cut up into finger size squares is usually a good idea, and if you give them lean meats, that’s also okay, but you want to watch out for cold cuts because these contain nitrates and high levels of sodium so you typically don’t want to give them to your baby.

Also go easy on the condiments because they don’t really add any nutrients to the food, so there’s no need for your baby to have them. Something like a pickle might seem like a good idea to give your baby, but we’ve covered that on a different page because it merits its own review due to how much sodium and spices it contains.

Just remember that if you do end up giving your baby sandwiches, contemplate each individual ingredient that makes up the sandwich, and use foods that you’ve already cleared with them ahead of time.

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