Can I Give My Baby Sleepytime Tea?

Can I give my baby Sleepytime TeaSleepytime Tea is growing in popularity for people who are having difficulties falling asleep.

This caffeine free and all natural herbal tea provides a soothing sensation and comforting aroma that helps relax muscles and eventually putting you in a good night rest. Unlike other teas, it does not have a bitter taste, which is perfect for those who are just starting to try herbal teas.

While this is an effective way of treating sleep problems on adults, this is not recommended for babies. Even its box has a warning that says it should not be used on infants. There is a new product from the same brand that is intended for kids.

It is called Sleepytime Kids Goodnight Grape Herbal Tea. However, this is only for children ages 2 and up. If your baby is cranky and you are having difficulties putting them to sleep at night, there are other things that you can do to resolve this concern.

Can I Give My Baby Sleepytime Tea? Answer: No.

As mentioned, this product was made for adults; while the other one, which is Sleepytime Kids Goodnight Grape Herbal Tea, is made for kids and not for infants. In fact, it is not recommended to use any tea for babies. It is true that several mothers around the world use various kinds of teas for treating different health problems on their babies like indigestion. They are also used as supplements. However, based on recent studies, ingredients used in making these teas can cause problems on these infants. This may put their health at risk and could even lead to death.

Tea Ingredients that Should be Avoided
There may be teas that could be safe for your baby. To ensure that you are not putting your baby’s health at risk, always consult your pediatrician before giving any medication, treatments or supplements, including tea. However, there are tea ingredients that have been proven to pose serious threat on the baby’s health, so make sure to avoid them. One of them is peppermint, which is present on several teas including Sleepytime Tea. If the methanol level is high on peppermint teas, it can have an adverse effect on the baby, which could lead to choking.

Concerns with Star Anise
Another ingredient to avoid is star anise. This may be popularly used for treating colic on babies. However, consumption of high level of this on infants may cause neurological complications. This could also poison the baby. While chamomile is considered generally safe, there is still a possibility that your baby may develop allergic reactions.

Furthermore, since chamomile teas are not regulated by the Food and Drug Association (FDA), there is a possibility that they may be contaminated or mixed with other ingredients that could be harmful to the child. According to studies, teas affect the absorption of iron in the body, which is vital for the baby’s growth and development. This may also cause the child to develop anemia.

“for Kids” Version
Kids who are 2 years of age and older can take Sleepytime Kids Goodnight Grape Herbal Tea. Though it is specifically designed for kids, it is still best to consult your pediatrician before giving this to your child. As mentioned, it may contain ingredients that could have a negative effect on the health of your kid.

As they say, it is better to be safe than sorry. This tea comes in grape flavor, which children would love. It is also caffeine and gluten free. It contains natural ingredients without preservatives and artificial colors. Some of the ingredients that can be found on this tea product are chamomile, natural grape flavor, ascorbic acid and lemongrass.

Better Ways to Put Your Baby to Sleep
Because of the health risks that tea may bring to your baby, there are other things that you can do to put your baby to sleep at night.

– Give them a warm bath. This will help relax the baby, making it easier for them to fall asleep.
– Feed them. It would be difficult for babies to go to sleep if they are hungry.
– Find the best way to soothe your baby. This is different from one baby to another. Try reading a book, singing a lullaby or rocking them in a rocker. See which works the best on them.
– Turn off the main light. This will be the sign that it is time for bed. The baby will get used to it overtime and will associate it to sleeping.
– Use essential oils. These oils provide soothing and relaxing sensation. Make sure to ask your pediatrician which products are safe for your baby.

Sleepytime Tea is not recommended for babies. However, you may try other ways to help your baby get to sleep including the ones provided above. Furthermore, you may ask your pediatrician about other effective methods for resolving your baby’s sleep problems.

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I always found the sleeper hold worked best for me.


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