Can I Give My Baby Soy Formula?

Can I give my baby soy formula?Is soy formula something that’s recommended for baby? Knowing what — and when — to feed your baby can give some parents a headache. Stay away from this food. Do not introduce this food until they are this old. Keeping track of all of it gets tiring. So here is one that is simple to remember: soy formula is perfectly fine for your baby.

Whether your family is vegan or your child has shown a milk intolerance, feeding soy formula to your baby is fine. Keep in mind, though, that soy formula does not contain any more nutrients than formula that is milk based. Both types of formulas are fortified with the same vitamins and minerals.

Parents often choose to give soy formula to their baby if he or she is allergic to cow’s milk protein. They may also use soy when their baby has a difficult time digesting the sugar found in milk. Some babies can be very sensitive to cow’s milk protein. If this is the case with your child, it should be avoided until around six months of age. Some babies may cry or become irritable before, during or after feedings. If this occurs, or if your child has diarrhea, it can be an allergic reaction to the formula.

Can I Give My Baby Soy Formula? Answer: If Necessary

Keep in mind that soy protein can also be the cause of food allergies. Babies that are allergic to cow’s milk protein are typically also allergic to the protein in soy. If your child is allergic to soy, you should change the brand of formula and try others in order to find one that complements your baby and his or her digestive system.

While soy formula is safe for your child, the American Academy of Pediatrics states that there is some concern that babies “absorb calcium and other minerals less efficiently from soy formulas than from milk-based formulas”. Because of this, some soy formulas may contain more calcium.

Official Recommendation
The American Academy of Pediatrics also suggests that healthy full-term infants should be given soy formula when medically necessary. This includes giving it to babies that may suffer from hereditary lactose deficiency, infants with true lactose intolerance and infants who have an allergy to cow’s milk proteins. If you want to raise your child as a vegan, you can also give them soy formula.

Soy formula should not be used to try and prevent food allergies. If this is the case, a hypoallergenic formula would be a better choice. Soy formula is not a medicinal remedy and should not be given to your baby solely because they have an upset stomach or are suffering from colic.

Allergy Concerns
Soy is a top allergen, but some children need soy formula because milk-based formulas make them sick. Soy formula is the first alternative most pediatricians will prescribe if your baby is having difficulty with milk-based formulas. Most infants who are put on a soy formula are able to tolerate the formula without any negative side effects. A soy allergy occurs when the body mistakes soy as a harmful invader. As with any allergic reaction, you need to watch for signs of a rash, vomiting or diarrhea or hives. If your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, you need to call 911 immediately.

Some people tend to believe that soy is not that great for you. Soy formula contains phytoestrogens, and this chemical has caused some concern. There is no hard evidence that says this chemical is harmful, and right now, soy formula is still very beneficial to your child’s growth and development.

Soy is made from soy beans. Soy beans have been cultivated for centuries and are considered to be a wonderful source of protein, iron and calcium.

As mentioned above, soy formula is perfectly fine for your child to consume. It is best to be given to children who really need it, whether as a lifestyle choice of the family or gastrointestinal issues. Remember that soy can be an allergen too, so if your child shows any signs of an allergy after consuming soy formula, you need to consult your child’s physician. (If the reaction is sever, call 911 immediately).

As always, if you have any questions about giving your baby soy formula, it is best to discuss it with your child’s pediatrician. He or she will be able to discuss your concerns more thoroughly.

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Rebecca Dameron September 26, 2012 at 8:05 pm

My 7month old son recently became sick with cronic dierreah and a fever ranging anywhere from 101.2 – 103.5 for a month straight. He would have up to 10 dirty diapers daily. The doctors ran stool tests on him and everything came back normal. He has went threw blood work that also has came back normal. His entire body has recently broke out in a rash for unknown reasons… The doctor seems to think its because he has to much yeast levels in his system? They done an xray and said he had pneumonia, put him on a antiobotic and he had an allergic reaction to it, his body again broke out in a different kind of rash. He has been threw alot this past month and I have tried researching everthing, boiling my water befor i make his bottles, giving him yogurt, bananas, crackers, and rice cereal to help and nothing has improved. Now she thinks changing his formula to soy based will change all of this??? Any opion? Tks


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