Can I Give My Baby Sweet Potatoes?

Can I give my baby sweet potatoes?Sweet potatoes are one of the tastiest vegetables out there, and they’re actually really good for adults, but does the same hold true for babies as well? In many instances what’s good for us is not necessarily good for babies, but in this case it actually is.

One great thing about sweet potatoes is their versatility. You can bake them, boil them, mash them, steam them, anything you can dream up, you can cook them however you want and they retain their delicious flavor. Just be sure that when they end up in front of your baby they are mashed beyond all recognition. You don’t even want to leave it lumpy, so make sure you purée it or use a food processor to get a nice smooth consistency. Sweet potatoes can be pretty dry, especially when you’re not topping them off with butter.

Most babies have reported to really enjoy sweet potatoes, just like most adults do. It’s a healthier option than a regular white potato, because it has more nutrients in it and a higher amount of fiber.

Can I Give My Baby Sweet Potatoes? Answer: Yes, as a Solid

It’s best to boil or steam the sweet potatoes, and then mash them up and serve them to your baby as a solid. Follow the guidelines for when to start giving your baby solid foods, usually around the 6 month mark, give it to them at that time. When you introduce it to them, you shouldn’t give them any other new foods in the same session. Although sweet potatoes are not known to be on the list of foods that cause allergies, you still want to play it safe and see how they handle this new food.

The things you want to check for is if you’re baby gets bloated afterwards, or spits them up, or if they have trouble passing them. But sweet potatoes are high in fiber, so it should make your babies stool nice and smooth and some parents like to give their babies sweet potatoes for this very reason if they are experiencing a bout of constipation.

Plain is Best
The one thing you’ll want to avoid is putting unnecessary butter, milk, marshmallows, salt, or sugar on them. Just give your baby plain mashed sweet potatoes and they will most likely love them. This might mean making a separate batch for baby in addition to what the rest of the family is having, but it is worth the extra effort and time so that they don’t have to process something that has extra sugar or sodium in it.

Babies need all-natural foods that are as close to the way nature intended as possible. Doctoring up something like sweet potatoes doesn’t make sense, because they are already naturally sweet, hence the name. As adults we like to make our vegetables as easy as possible to eat, and this usually involves smothering them in butter or cheese or adding sugar or salt to them to make them taste better. The other thing that we do is add spices to them to make them more enjoyable. You definitely want to avoid any sort of spicy additions to sweet potatoes and any other vegetables you give your baby, as they are not able to process these as well as we can.

Keeping Baby Happy
Sweet potatoes are great addition to your baby’s menu. It’s something that can be given to them two or three times a week with no worries, and you’ll wonder how you got along without them. What’s great is that you can buy a big bag of sweet potatoes and use them not only for the baby, but also for the rest of the family because they go with just about any main entrée.

In fact many steak house restaurants offer baked sweet potatoes as an alternative to a baked potato. A lot of health-conscious adults end up opting for this. They can also make sweet potato fries as a replacement for regular french fries, and they are better for you as well. So if they are a better option than white potatoes for us adults, they are also a better option for your baby, minus all of the added toppings of course.

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