Can I Give My Baby Tap Water?

Can I give my baby tap water?Is tap water safe for your baby? Babies do not come with an instruction manual. The closest thing we have is a pediatrician and instincts. Unfortunately, our instincts are always accurate and our pediatricians cannot be there holding our hand for every little thing.

Many parents worry over the silliest thing like, “shouldn’t the umbilical cord be gone by now?” or “did I not do this right?”

It is time to take a deep breath. Many parents find it hard to get to a comfortable non-worry parenting stage. Even as a child grows every scrape and bruise can feel like your fault. Every “dumb” question makes no sense. But there is never a dumb question when it comes to bringing up a child.

Can I Give My Baby Tap Water? Answer: After 6 Months

Water can be harmful to babies under six months, a baby over six months can have water. Many health care providers have their own opinion on tap water and some may suggest using bottled water or boiling regular tap water. Tap water often contains fluoride but if you boil or use bottled water the child will not get any. Talk to a pediatrician about this they may want to give your baby a fluoride supplement.

Water and Breastfed Babies
Babies who are breastfed do not need water right away if you are worried about them dehydrating from warm water reassure yourself the milk you provide will be enough for your baby and they will not overheat or become dehydrated.

It is important that you, the breast-feeder, to stay hydrated and drink lots of fluids like milk, water, and juice to keep your milk supply up. Especially when it is hot outside. Your baby may nurse more frequently in the hotter months, so it is very important to keep yourself as healthy as possible.

Water and Formula Fed Babies
Babies that are fully formula fed are getting more than 80% of water in every bottle of formula. So it is important to not supplement water for the normal bottle of formula. Water that is substituted for their normal bottle will most likely fill them without providing the normal vitamins and minerals that the child will need in order to grow the proper way.

Bottled water can be used to make the babies bottle of formula. Be sure to follow the instructions that are on the label of the formula. Do not dilute the formula. If you need help affording formula you can visit your local health department and get help through a program called WIC, if you are located in the United States.

Why Give a Six Month Old Water?
Babies do not need water. Some parents do like to give an infant water while they are eating solid foods that have all the nutrients and fats that they need. This is usually okay since they are getting all the required amounts of nutrients, fats, and proteins. If the baby is still having trouble with foods however you may want to reconsider the water. Just until he gets the eating foods down.

There are some parents who put water in a sippy cup to show a baby how to use a cup the right way. This is usually fine as well. Some medical experts also recommend babies learn to drink from a sippy cup around the age of six months. Do not follow the advice of the internet since most of it is made up facts. Talk to your child’s pediatrician to get the best advise possible.

Babies and the Recommended Amount Of Water
Every medical expert has their opinion when it comes to children and tap water. Some advise not to use tap water while others will argue that it is perfectly fine and safe. If you want the best advise visit your pediatrician. After all you chose that doctor for a reason, hopefully you trust their opinion, or it may be time to find someone new.

Water is usually given when a child is six months old but it is not necessary. It is up to you and the opinions of the pediatrician. Everyone has their own opinions and parenting skills. There is no right or wrong answer but the health of your child does depend on the parents and the child’s doctor as well.

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