Can I Give My Baby Teething Tablets?

Can I give my baby teething tablets?Teething tablets have long been used by moms that want to do something about the pain and suffering their babies go through while teething.

Certainly you want to make sure that your baby feels good as often as possible, but there are certain things that are unavoidable, and getting their teeth is one of them. It can be unbearable to watch them go through it, but using something like teething tablets should only be a last resort, after you’ve tried several other remedies.

The good news is that many ways to help your baby with teething are easy, inexpensive, and involve using items you probably already have in your home. Only if your little one is not responding to these efforts should you turn to a product like teething tablets.

Can I Give My Baby Teething Tablets? Answer: Not Recommended

According to BabyCenter, most babies start cutting their first teeth from months 4 through 7, and this is a rather young age to start introducing medications to your baby, whether these are homeopathic or not. Several doctors recommend against using teething tablets because of the lack of regulation as far as what is in them. The theory is that giving your baby a more regulated medication like Tylenol means that at least you know there are standards being met.

The problem with most teething tablets is that they’re “all-natural” which means that they aren’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and do not have to pass any tests or be evaluated before being sold to the public. This makes it a somewhat risky product to administer to your child, since it is largely untested, and no studies were performed on it to show the effectiveness, or to prove that it actually contains the ingredients listed.

Hyland’s Homeopathic
By far the most popular brand on the market is Hyland’s. They say this is a homeopathic formula, but then why would the FDA issue a warning on it saying that it contains inconsistent amounts of belladonna, which could cause serious reactions in children? Homeopathic remedies are supposed to contain only trace amounts of the active ingredient, which is why there are typically very few side effects associated with them. It seems that they don’t quite understand what homeopathic means. The FDA said that it could find no evidence that the product worked. This was back in 2010, so perhaps they have changed their formula since then.

Natural Teething Solutions
You don’t need to sit idly by while your baby is suffering. There are plenty of things you can do to help soothe them and make them feel better. Also, realizing that this is a natural process that every baby goes through can help. Some pain is natural, so numbing all of it, or dulling the experience completely is not really necessary. Many moms and dads turn to frozen washcloths, or let their baby gnaw on a cold carrot.

There are also special teething rings that can be placed in the freezer so they’re nice and cold on baby’s teeth. Look for ones that don’t contain any BPAs. There are also gum massagers that are specially designed to help your baby’s gums and teeth so they feel better.

Best Teething Remedy
Rather than give your baby teething tablets with who-knows-what in them, we’ve found one of the highest rated teething products on the market. It’s a Teething Blanket
that has several different surfaces on it, so surely one will appeal to your baby and get them chewing on it. The surfaces range from soft and velvety to chewy and crinkly. The feedback on this can’t be ignored, with the vast majority of parents saying that their baby loved it. The best part is that it doesn’t rely on an ingested substance, and you can use it again and again as more teeth come in.

Our Recommendation
At this young age, many of the parts of your baby are still developing. It doesn’t seem right to give them medication to help with teething, whether it’s claimed to be all natural or not. This is a natural process for them, and with so many truly all natural ways to help you child through it, it’s best to stick with those and avoid the potential pitfalls of giving your baby teething tablets.

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