Top 100 Baby Purees Cookbook Review

A Review on the Top 100 Baby Purees Recipe Collection


Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what to feed your baby when you are a first time Mom. There is a minefield of information with hours of reading telling you what you should and shouldn’t feed your baby. That’s without even touching on the subject of when to move on to solids…

It would be clearer if you could find it all in one place, right? That’s exactly what I loved about Top 100 Baby Purees by Annabel Karmel so I thought I would share it. The book is called Top 100 Baby Purees and gives you a hundred quick and easy meals for a happy, healthy baby. I purchased my copy from Amazon and I haven’t looked back.

Below is my short review of this book, and here are the criteria I used for my review:

  1. Ease of use – the book has to be easy to read with plenty of pictures of the meals
  2. There should be MANY positive reviews. Will this book actually make tasty meals? You shouldn’t just take my word for it.
  3. Is it easy enough for my husband to use?
  4. Is the author a trained nutritionist? Is she active in the nutrition world or is she a marketer out to make a fast buck with a low quality product?
  5. Does the book cover more than just pureed food?

Using the above criteria, I’ve been very impressed with the book Top 100 Baby Purees. The author Annabel Karmel makes creating healthy and tasty baby food simple to understand and the flavors are never boring.

Want to see the author of Top 100 Baby Purees in action?

For example, here are some videos featuring Annabel Karmel you can learn from right now (links open in new windows):

Annabel Karmel Baby Puree Recipe – Lentil Puree

Annabel Karmel First Meat Puree

What Does The Book Feature?

I found this book to be clear and concise. There are plenty of pictures and you won’t have to wade through pages of information to get to the point.

  • Easy to follow recipes
  • Foods to avoid at certain ages
  • Which tastes are best to start your baby on
  • Contains both sweet and savory dishes
  • Set out into easy to follow age stages

I bought this book when I had my baby and I never looked back. She eats everything I cook from it happily and the best part is I know it’s good for her. You’ll find your baby has a wider taste range and is willing to eat a bigger variety of food thanks to the variety of foods she has been exposed to in her first year using this book as a guide.

What exactly will you get in this book?

Top 100 Baby Purees Cookbook Review
You’ll get a collection of 100 puree recipes which covers your baby for the first year of life. The book will help you know when to give your baby new flavors and when you should avoid certain foods. It helps you make the transition to slightly lumpier foods stress free. These recipes are nutritionally balanced too, Annabel Karmel is the UK’s top author on children’s nutritional issues.

Even though the book is titled ‘purees’, you will find as the book progresses the food is loosely mashed and not so pureed to suit older babies.

There are even flavor combinations I have incorporated into cooking for my husband and I at meal times. He hasn’t complained a bit and we’re using a lot less salt as a side benefit because of the flavor combination ideas Annabel Karmel puts together.

What problems does this book solve?

It takes the stress out of knowing when to give your baby different food. No more searching for hours on the internet or trusting the advice of other Mom’s. One book gives you a food timeline and shows you how to best prepare it for the first year of your baby’s life.

If it hits five o’clock and you aren’t as organized as you’d like to be you’ll find it easy to simply grab this book and whip up a tasty and nutritious meal for your baby.

But the main things that I found useful were:

  1. Gaining confidence to prepare nutritious meals for my baby
  2. The wide range of foods included in the book – not just mashed up pumpkin
  3. The way the book was separated into clear age categories so it flowed.

What did I find awkward?

While many of the recipes are indeed ‘quick’, the preparation can be deceptive. Making your own stocks from scratch can be time consuming, and if you are busy this can put you off trying the recipes. Don’t be put off however! I found replacing the home made stock with a frozen stock from Heinz to be a perfect substitute.

Who is this for / not for?

This book is for all Mom’s of new babies, especially first time Mom’s. It takes away the stress as well as being a useful recipe book. I knew I could trust it because it was written by a child nutrition specialist.

The recipes are so straight forward even my husband can make them up easily. They can be made in bulk and frozen so we always know there is something healthy and nutritious for our little girl.

But one thing about it –  my sister who already has a toddler advised that many of these recipes are included in the previous edition Annabel Karmel’s New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner: 200 Quick, Easy and Healthy Recipes for Your Baby. If you’re looking for a book which covers infancy through to toddler years this book may be better for you. Another book you may find useful is Top 100 Finger Foods: 100 Recipes for a Healthy, Happy Child also by Annabel Karmel.

There are tons of positive reviews on this book. I checked out the internet and found a heap so rest assured its not only me who finds this book invaluable.

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Annabel Karmel also has a blog and a forum – useful if you have any questions on her books or infant nutrition. She answers a lot of comments personally and is very responsive in general.

Exactly how to get the book

All you have to do to get the book  is go through the link below to Amazon like I did.

Click Here To Buy The Book

It was available in both the kindle and hardback edition. I hope you like it as much as I do and find that your baby loves the recipes as much as my little girl.

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