Can I Give My Baby Tums?

Can I give my baby Tums?Are tums suitable for your baby? Life begins in a mother’s womb, she may not know right away but after a few weeks she will start to have signs or symptoms. When she learns that she is pregnant through a store bought test she will make an appointment with a doctor.

Once a baby is born a mother will do anything to keep him happy and healthy. Sometimes it can be a bit tough when a baby becomes colicky and cranky. This makes both parents worried and they will do and try almost anything to make baby feel better.

It is important for these parents to talk to a pediatrician before they give any kind of medicine to a baby. A baby cannot handle as much as an adult can, and if given the wrong medicine, or to much, it can be dangerous.

Can I Give My Baby Tums? Not Recommended.

There are Tums for kids but it is not recommended for a child under the age of two, unless otherwise directed by a pediatrician. If the baby is two or older than the weight and age limit will determine how much your baby should take.

For children between the ages of two and four no more than 2 tablets should be given and for children between the ages of 5-11 no more than 4 tablets should be given in a 24hour period. Do not use Tums for more than two weeks unless under the orders of a pediatrician.

Babies under 6 months can choke on Tums especially if they are not able to sit up. For any baby under a year it is important that anything given to the infant is approved by a pediatrician so they can explain why or why not it is a good idea. They can also tell how much of a medicine to give and why they shouldn’t have any more than that.

Overdosing On Tums
Overdosing on tums is possible even for adults. Symptoms one may have after overdosing on Tums is nausea (with or without vomiting), loss of appetite, constipation, increased thirst (with or without dry mouth), and frequent urination.

If an adult can overdose on Tums then it is certainly possible for an infant/child to as well. Since there is no dosage for babies it shouldn’t be given. For an average adult the recommended amount is 2 to 4 as symptoms occur but no more than 15 tablets in a 24-hour period, and the average sized adult is over at least 100 pounds. Where a baby is under 30 pounds or less.

Raising Babies Head While They Are Asleep
Keeping baby in a reclined position can help since reflux usually happens when they are laying flat. If it doesn’t help the reflux it will help baby from choking on the spit-up. There are several ways to keep a baby from laying flat.

One way is to roll up a towel and put it under the mattress of the crib. Not enough to make him roll to the opposite side but enough to keep his head somewhat elevated. There is also bassinet like beds that baby can be strapped into to help with the reflux as well, however this is for babies under the age of 6 months, like a regular bassinet.

Over The Counter Remedies
Many parents that have a suffering infant give the baby a soother to help with colic, gas, or reflux. Many parents are unsure if it actually helps (since the baby cannot talk) but it makes them feel like they did something to make their child feel better. One person other a pediatrician you can ask or talk to about a baby’s reflux problem is a pharmacist. Most of the time they would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Be sure to keep in mid that they are not a pediatrician and he/she most likely does not know the baby’s medical history if there is one.

Babies and Reflux
A parent can often feel clueless when it comes to their infant crying and suffering with something annoying like reflux. But there are precautions one can take. It is important not to give an infant a drug meant for an adult, like Tums because it can be like giving them poison.

However there are other things a parent can try. Over the counter drugs for infants (be sure to call your doctor or speak with a pharmacist), buying a special bed, elevating the mattress a little bit, or asking your pediatrician for more advise or prescription medications. Sometimes doctors may even suggest putting cereal in the babies formula or breast milk before laying them down for a nap or bed. It will depend on the infant, and the pediatrician’s opinion.

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