Can I Give My Baby Cucumber?

Can I give my baby cucumber?A cucumber is often thought of as a healthy food and finds its way on salads and sandwiches, but is it something that is good for your baby, and should they eat it?

Since it’s a vegetable, most people consider cucumbers something that’s OK to eat, especially if you’re dieting or on a health kick. It’s got a decent flavor to it, so it might be something your baby enjoys, especially on a hot summer afternoon, or when they’re teething.

But even though it makes the list of Subway toppings it’s not really the most nutrient dense vegetable out there, so it’s not a must-give for your baby, and it’s really up to you when and how you introduce it to them.

Can I Give My Baby Cucumber? Answer: After 6 Months

Cucumbers aren’t high on the nutritious vegetable ranking chart, and they don’t need to be specifically included in your baby’s diet because of any perceived nutritional value. There are better veggies you can go for first, like broccoli that packs more of a nutrition punch. However, there’s no reason they can’t try it after about 6 months to see how they like it.

A lot of parents will give their babies cucumbers as something cold and hard to gnaw on when they’re teething. For this it’s a good item to go with, since it is not well known for causing allergic reactions, and most babies have an easy time with it.

To Peel or Not to Peel
The peel is a bit questionable, and as long as you’re sure your baby can handle it, there’s nothing really wrong with giving it to them, in fact it has a lot of fiber. It’s best to go organic if you give them the peel. If you don’t think their teeth or digestive system can handle it yet, you might want to peel it for them, making it easier to chew up and digest.

Consider Organic First
When you buy a food like cucumber the one thing you’ll have to consider is whether to leave the skin on or peel it off for them. No matter which way you decide, you might want to think about paying the surcharge and getting organic cucumbers. This insures that there won’t be insecticides sprayed all over the peel if you do decide to leave them on. It also means that the plant will be grown according to organic specifications and you’ll be getting a better quality vegetable for your baby.

Seed Concerns
One thing to watch out for is what type of seeds the cucumber has. While some seeds are very soft and easy to digest, some are not and you want to make sure to de-seed the cucumber before giving it to them. The quickest way to do that would be to cut the cucumber lengthwise and then the seeds are neatly presented to you and you can scrape them out with a spoon or your finger if they’re soft.

Introducing New Foods
While some sites advocate asking your doctor before introducing any new foods to your baby, that’s a bit extreme, and they’ll likely start screening your calls after about the 10th food you inquire about. As long as they don’t have any known food allergies, you simply make sure that you introduce new foods away from any other foods and then monitor how they react to it, both while you’re feeding it to them and how they digest it. Make a note of any concerns and go from there.

It’s good to feed your baby healthy things, so it’s good to wonder about whether cucumbers make the grade. There are better quality vegetables you can give them, but after 6 months you can start including cucumbers if you’d like, and if they like them.

Your baby won’t be able to thank you for doing your research before you give them things, but it’s always best to check on new foods before you just go ahead with something. It’s hard to find good advice because some parents out there will give their babies anything, and are not shy to tell the world that it’s OK, even though they have no authority to.

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