Can I Give My Baby Sausage?

Can I give my baby sausage?It’s hard to deny that sausage is delicious. But is it something that you should give your baby, and is there any redeemable quality to it other than its taste?

Whether it’s a breakfast sausage, or a bratwurst, people love their sausage. It’s not the healthiest choice of course, but no one is claiming that they eat it for their health. When you contemplate giving something like this to a baby, you have to break it down into whether it’s helping them develop, or hindering their development.

Sausage is made from different types of meat, most commonly though is pork. But there is beef sausage, chicken sausage, and turkey sausage as people try to reduce the unhealthy nature of it. The other thing that goes into sausage is spices of all kinds. Both of these ingredients are something that you really shouldn’t be giving your baby, and represents foods that are too complex for young, developing digestive system.

Can I Give My Baby Sausage? Answer: Not Recommended

Sausage is not made with lean cuts of meat, and is very fatty. Not only that, but is also high in sodium because of the curing process used for the meats. In addition to being high in fat and salt, it is also high in cholesterol. So, it doesn’t have any of the healthy protein benefits of eating a lean meat, and it is packed with a bunch of additives and fillers. This is the exact sort of food that you don’t want to give your baby, as they are not able to handle this sort of onslaught.

Toddler Time
Once your baby is a toddler you can start to give them food that the rest of the family is eating. This is because by the time they’ve had the terrible twos they can pretty much handle anything digestively speaking. From that point on they can eat with the family, just making sure to cut up their food into bite sized pieces.

Healthy Alternatives
If you’re looking to introduce new food items to your baby, be sure to go with things that still promote a healthy upbringing. Choose lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and other foods that help them form healthy bones, skin, and organs. When you give them something like sausage, you are basically introducing a lot of Greece, low-quality meat, and miscellaneous spices. You need to have more quality control over what you give your child know that you know what they’re getting, and not just some mystery meat.

Your Job as Gatekeeper
As the parent of a young baby, your role is really the gatekeeper of what goes into their body. You know the old saying that your body is a Temple, it can really be the case with your baby because they don’t have control yet over what goes down the hatch. So you might be tempted to give them foods that you enjoy, but you have to keep their health in mind and be sure that they are getting nourishing foods like fruits and vegetables with a little bit of lean meat on the side.

This assures that they will develop into adults that make the right eating choices, and don’t end up with eating disorders that were set up in early childhood as they were developing. If you give your baby salty fatty meats, they are going to unconsciously crave them later in life, and end up making poor eating choices and struggling with weight issues long into their adult life.

Set the Foundation
By setting the foundation of healthy foods, eating nourishing foods will be the default state for your baby even as they get older. They won’t develop a sweet tooth, and have a hankering for candies and cookies, and they won’t have the natural urge to eat junk food when other healthy options are readily available.

You might think that feeding your child healthy foods will end up backfiring on you, and one day they will rebel and resent that you been feeding them fruits and vegetables all all their friends have been eating chips, candy, and cola. That may occurred there in their teenage years, but eventually they’ll grow out of it and return to their roots of eating things that promote health and well-being.

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